Above: On Queensland Rail’s double track Main Line, between Gatton and Grantham, Aurizon empty grain train 6652 heads west to Toowoomba on Saturday 1 June 2019 with 2338+2335 leading 31 VGHM and 7 VGKM wagons. With almost two-thirds of Queensland drought-declared, Aurizon had not operated any grain trains in the state’s south-west in almost 12 months. Loaded trains left Goondiwindi on Wednesday 29 May, Friday 31 May and Monday 3 June numbered 68T9. The empty trains returned to Toowoomba as 6652 and continued to Goondiwindi as 6H38. 

Below: West of Rosewood, empty grain train 6652 passed Lanefield on Tuesday 4 June 2019 with 2338+2335 and the same 38 wagon consist with 31 VGHM and 7 VGKM wagons.